Would You Like a Chocolate?


Ok, so I admit I have a bit of a soapbox around word finds, math quizzes, fuzzy puppies on social media.  Lately these seemingly innocent diversions have shifted to troublesome requests.  Requests that may put you at risk.

We all remember the study in the UK where people provided detailed info in return for  piece of chocolate.  Are we doing the same for less return?

These seemingly innocent quizzes may on the surface seem like a fun reminiscence, but what happens if someone trawls these answers and links them to your email address.  You might say it’s not a big deal, until you recall those password recovery questions you’ve used.  Since the development of recovery questions can be difficult, we keep seeing the same questi0ns come up time and time again: What’s your favourite movie, your elementary school or your first pet appear as questions again and again.  It’s a quick pivot to recover your password using the answers you’ve shared.

And while we’re on the subject of fraud, let’s also put an end to the “Likes Fraud” that’s creeping in as well.  I know y0u’ve seen Colby’s post.  Of course no one would think not to like a message like that (at this time over 962K people liked it on FB) and now it’s on Linkedin making it’s rounds every week or so from someone else, each getting ~5K likes.

Can we once and for all just say “Stawp!”

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