Adopting a New Frame of Reference to Manage Cyber-risk

People sometimes “anchor” on past experiences when managing new and complex problems.  The challenge in anchoring opinion / perceptions in the rapidly evolving world of technology is that the frame of reference often used in decision making can move dramatically in the space of a few month.  It’s like the insurance commercial where Nan explains her photos that she’s pasted to her livingroom wall.

As organizations look to increasingly adopt cloud service, it’s essential that they adjust their frame of reference (or haul up their anchor) from the single server that they administered to a new frame of reference for hyperscale cloud.  After all, running over 1 000 000 physical CPUs is not the same as taking those processes you used for that box in the closet and multiplying a million times.  I’ve captured a few thoughts on adjusting our frame of reference in this video

Laser Cats

Laser Cats




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